Research and Portfolios

Rachel Suzanne Smith

Rachel Suzanne Smith is an artist, metalsmith, and educator. She received her undergraduate degree at Miami University in Art Education with minors in 3D Media Studies (jewelry/metals) and Spanish. She received her MFA in Crafts (Jewelry Metals Enameling) at Kent State University.

Personal Portfolio

Rachel Suzanne Smith’s work reflects themes of identity and ornament, focusing specifically on the desire to connect with the outdoors and nature. The facilitation of that need occurs through the use of adornment, allowing the wearer to surround themselves in arrangements and clusters of plants, created via the artist’s photographs and sketches. Smith focuses on creating wearable sculptures and contemporary art jewelry. She maintains a solo studio practice as well as one in collaboration with Jennifer Ramirez. 

Teaching Portfolio

Kent State University 2015-2019

Works included are from courses with a focus on digital design and fabrication: CAD for Jewelry, Advanced CAD, and Digital Fabrication for Studio Art. Syllabi, project prompts, and handouts are available upon request.

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