Wearable Wallpaper


Wearable Wallpaper is a series of works and ongoing investigations inspired by the direct botanical references and aesthetic adaptations of those references found in historical wallpapers and other “decorative arts” applications.

Wearable Wallpaper: Direct Adornment

The works in this series consist of heavily patterned necklaces. The laser cut acrylic is etched with manipulated imagery from moss, shells, seaweed, and other ground covering. The machine embroidered components are digitized images of moss and other plants.

Wearable Wallpaper: The Wall and the Self

This is an ongoing project that will grow with time. Wallpaper is created out of vinyl cut shapes derived from an Ohio pollinator plant, the goldenrod. Brooches are constructed from the outlines of an evening primrose flower, one of my favorite flowers that transforms from looking like a weed during the day to the star of a garden at dusk. With this wall installation, the one can pull a brooch off the wall to wear, becoming a part of the installation.

This installation view houses 44 brooches and spans 8’x5′

It is on display at 1628 Ltd in Cincinnati Ohio through May 2020.

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